Little Girl, You Can't Read

SLEEP TONIGHt - no bad dreams

25 October 1986
Ohio, United States
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Unseen University - Ankh-Morpork England - Wiltshire UK
Earlham College - Richmond IN (2005 - 2006)
Columbus State Community College - Columbus OH (2007 - 2008)
Ohio State University - Columbus OH (2009 present)
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42, aardman, abortion rights, anglophilia, animal rights, animal welfare, animals, anthropology, archaeology, baking, books, british tv, cats, chasing amy, coe forums, comix, contraceptive information, cooking, cormorants, coupling, discworld, dork tower, douglas adams, edgar allan poe, edward gorey, eeyore, feminism, flaming lips, geekdom, george orwell, hallmarks of felinity, handcuffs, history, hunter s. thompson, janis joplin, literature, lord of the rings, madding crowd, midgard comics, monty python, moulin rouge, mythology, nan goldin, nero wolfe, nutella, photography, pigments, planned parenthood, poetry, portland, pro-choice, purple, radiohead, reading, rex stout, rodents, sexy communist terrorism, smashing pumpkins, sylvia plath, taking the train, tea, terry pratchett, the dresden dolls, the muppets, thesauri, tolkien, transmetropolitan, veganism, vegetarianism, virginia hamilton adair, waffles, wanderlust, wildlife rehabilitation, words, writing
I like books, freshly-baked bread, sunshine, fluffy bunnies, and never updating profile pages.